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Perfect integration

Our initial plan is to integrate the most complete package pack end and integrated device for cosmetic bottles, raw materials, packaging design, vertical system, which includes recipes and sales plan. We will provide the latest market trend information. For the OEM/ODM Manufacturer, our pursuit of product quality and customer satisfaction, the brand positioning, we are absolutely is your best choice. 

Customer Type: own brand operators > professional beauty salon  > department store, supermarket chain path > Medical Beauty Clinic  > Export Direct access> occupied beauty school teaching supplies all kinds of skin care products > chain system > TV shopping sales > Network Road shopping sales > cross-industry brand development and sales > chain drug store, medical access and boutique path.

Our services
OEM: cosmetics, skin care serum, facial mask, eye mask, foot pack, foot skin care, and raw materials.

 OEM skin care products, products and functional design, visual packaging design, performance testing, manufacturing. 

 Brand development, CI image planning, product and functional design, packaging design, performance testing, manufacturing mainland.

Important record
2002: Polaroisin International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan factory
was established in Taiwan. We have International Certification ISO-9001 and professional cosmetics factory. We develop, research, design and mass production the skin care product series.

2006: Shanghai Cheng Guo Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (China factory
R & D modernization, production and sales of 100,000 cosmetic GMP manufacturing high-tech enterprises in 2010: GMP standard modern class Shanghai cosmetics factory. 

2014: Product Marketing Malaysia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland and Canada Brazil, India, Lebanon, Britain, South Africa...more

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